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It’s Friday, that wonderful day when the business world relaxes a bit. I was quite pleased to look at my calendar this morning and realize that I had no meetings scheduled for today. Not a single one.

As such, today is dedicated to some of the more satisfying things in an entrepreneur’s work life — tying up loose ends, planning for the weekend, and even taking things a bit off topic and enjoying the day.

My friend Ted Atoka sent me this gem, and I think it’s a perfect diversion for a laid-back Friday afternoon. It might come as a surprise to you that I am quite a fan of coffee. Honestly, I’m not terribly picky — as long as it’s hot, black, and hasn’t been baking over a convenience store’s burner for a day and a half, I’m happy.

I will say, though, that some coffee is better than others. I had the good fortune to procure a Cuisinart stainless steel coffee maker with a built-in grinder a few months ago. The best part: I found it in a second-hand store for $10. I can’t even begin to explain how much better freshly ground coffee tastes compared to the pre-ground stuff.

Over the years, I’m sampled hundreds of varieties of coffee, from the dollar-store stuff to the high-end organic beans you’ll only find through specialty retailers. I can’t say, though, that I have any experience with the topic of Ted’s article, which describes a rare, insanely expensive type of coffee only made in a few corners of the world.

So take a break, grab a cup, and learn about one of the most expensive coffees of the world: Black Ivory (colloquially known as Elephant Poop Coffee):

Highly Prized Coffee: The Real Poop

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I would be remiss if I didn’t start out with an emphatic hello and welcome. So… hello and welcome!

This site is the product of many months of pondering, soul-searching, and planning. After many years of creating successful (and unsuccessful) businesses, I started looking for a way to give something back to the Internet community that allowed me to break free of the shackles of Korporate Amerika.

See, I spent 10 years sitting in a cubicle, pushing paperwork for a major American insurance company. It wasn’t altogether bad… I had a 401(k), decent health insurance, three weeks of vacation each year, and a fairly flexible schedule.

Even better, my job worked well with my introverted personality (at least, most of the time.) I didn’t have to deal with customers at all. Mind you, I have tremendous respect for people who work in retail, customer service, food service, etc. Some people can show up every day and greet each customer with a smile and a friendly “hello.” But that’s just not how I’m wired.

So why did I make the jump from cubicle-dweller to entrepreneur?

It wasn’t the boredom. Sure, doing the same thing day after day gets old… but it’s not a legitimate reason to jump into doing business for yourself. I could have gotten another job, went after a promotion, or went back to school to pick up new skills. Any of those things would have alleviated the sense of stagnation that I experienced.

It wasn’t the money. I didn’t have a ridiculous salary that allowed me to buy luxury cars, a McMansion, or dine at five-star restaurants every night. But frankly, I don’t care about those things. I’m perfectly happy with my Chrysler, my 1600-square-foot house, and the occasional visit to a decent restaurant. My corporate salary was enough for all of that.

It wasn’t prestige. I’m sure that people were more impressed with my fancy corporate title than they are with my status as an entrepreneur. If anything, most of the people who are still around think I’ve gone bug-nutty. Anybody who starts a business expecting respect and prestige is in for a disappointing revelation.

No, it wasn’t any of those things. Instead, it was simply this: I had a vision, and I knew that I could use that vision to benefit others.

That was the only thing that kept me from throwing in the towel when things got tough (and believe me, the entrepreneurial path is far from smooth).

So, like any self-respecting businessperson, I wanted to take my passion for helping others even farther. That’s why I created The Caffeinated Entrepreneur. Every day, I meet people who have their own visions, but don’t have the tools, inspiration, and know-how to make the leap. And frankly, that frustrates me.

Stay tuned for plenty of tips, motivation, and business-building strategies. I’ll cover everything you need to know to get your business up and running… or to take your business to the next level. Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I hope that the information you’ll find here in the coming months and years will help you turn your own vision into reality!

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