Is ProfitBuilder Really as Good as LeadPages?


Ok, so LeadPages has emerged over the past year as the “gold standard” for simple marketing page creation. It’s a (fairly) easy tool to use to create opt-in, sales, landing, and other pages on the fly… and we’re seeing beginners and “gurus” alike using LeadPages to promote webinars, give away videos and ebooks, and build their sales funnels.

Of course, any time you have a “gold standard” product, you’re going to see similar products not too far behind. That’s what happened with VideoMaker FX and all of those other “whiteboard video” creation tools a few months back.

And now it’s happened with LeadPages. Now, there’s ProfitBuilder, a new tool set to take a bite out of the successful marketing page creation suite’s market share.

At first glance, ProfitBuilder’s big advantage seems to be price point. LeadPages is a subscription-based service that starts at around $37 a month. ProfitBuilder is available for a one-time fee of $37 (at the time of this writing, anyway). I’m not a huge fan of paying every month for something I’m not going to use every day, so that’s a plus in my book.

Now, the flip side of that is… well, it could turn out to be a “cheap imitation.” You know, one of those software deals that ends up sucking, but you’re too nice/busy/lazy to ask for a refund.
But I wanted to find out for sure.

So How Does ProfitBuilder Stack Up to LeadPages?

LeadPages Dashboard

LeadPages dashboard

Honestly, I was a little less gaga over Leadpages than most people to begin with… so I wasn’t expecting much from ProfitBuilder. I found the customization options way too limited, especially for the price point. And there was a pretty big learning curve – I can see creating landing/opt-in/whatever pages in 10 minutes after you’ve made a hundred of them… but the first few are going to take some time. And then there’s integration with your autoresponder, which is kind of a pain in the ass.

So, having played with ProfitBuilder for a few days, here are my observations:

  • ProfitBuilder Dashboard

    ProfitBuilder Dashboard

    It’s pretty similar to LeadPages in terms of ease of use. Don’t expect to whip out your first page in two minutes or less. But as you learn your way around the dashboard, you’ll cut down your time significantly.

  • Integration with AWeber (my autoresponder of choice) was a little easier, but I think that’s because I’d already been through it with LeadPages. You’ll probably get it done in five minutes and wonder what I was complaining about – I tend to overcomplicate things like that.
  • You can use the theme override or pair the plug in with the included theme. Just to keep it simple, I used the included theme, which is fairly basic but nothing to complain about. (Given the drag&drop page options, it’s not a big deal for me). I’m a bit nervous about trying to use the plugin to override an existing theme, but that’s probably because if I can find a way to screw something up… it will indeed get screwed up.
  • The page templates in ProfitBuilder are pretty easy on the eyes – I remember quite a few in LeadPages (especially their “top performers” that were downright seizure-inducing).
  • The ProfitBuilder Developer License Pack (right now, $47.67 one-time) offers unlimited use on your sites and your clients’ sites; with LeadPages, you get to let two clients (at most) benefit from your subscription.

Now, there are a couple of things that ProfitBuilder is missing (or I just haven’t found yet):

  • Split-testing: With Leadpages’ $67/month and $97/month packages (not the $37/month package), you get fairly simple split testing. Not that you can’t do it with ProfitBuilder, but it’s not going to be quite as fast.
  • LeadLinks(tm), which lets you have opt-in forms appear when a user hovers over an email link. This is available in the LeadPages $67/month and $97/month packages.

So What’s the Bottom Line?

It really comes down to whether LeadPages‘ advanced features are worth the extra cost to you. If you’re already making an income equivalent to the GDP of India each month, then LeadPages will make your (or your team’s) life easier and give you extra advantages to make even more cash from your emails.

Otherwise… I’m content with ProfitBuilder. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything… and I’m glad to have one less recurring monthly payment to worry about.

So to answer the titular question… for me, it is as good as LeadPages… at least for this non-guru. Giving up a few bells and whistles is well worth the savings in my eyes.


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