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Just wanted to let you guys know about a lead generation source I recently ran across. Thumbtack allows business professionals to create profiles and receive requests from consumers in their service area. As an example, you can see my LHR Benefits profile here:

LHR Benefits

There’s no cost to post your profile or receive requests. If you choose to respond to a request, you’ll need to use a couple of credits (for most business sectors, it works out to a little over $3.00 per response) to provide the requester with a quote and a description of your services.

You have the option of adding lots of information, including images and videos, to your profile. You can also ask current customers to post reviews on your Thumbtack profile, which could help customers decide your business is the right one for their needs.

I just published my profile, so I can’t say yet how well it works. But it can’t hurt to have an additional lead source, particularly given that there’s no upfront cost.

If you currently use Thumbtack, I’d love to hear your feedback on the service!

LHR Benefits

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